12" EPs (Part 1)

1A. Dungeon - Glen Miller

1B. Hook Yourself Youthman - Ronald Wilson & Winston Scotland


2A. Front Line - Wayne Tenyue

2B. EightyoneStyle - Steppernap


3A. Fussing & Fighting - Tristian Palmer / Ranking Joe

3B. Version - Art & Craft Rhythm Section


4A. Hold Me Darling - Triller

4B. Chicken Farm - Buru


5A. How Long - Ghetto Children

5B. Ital Food - J.J. Sparks


6A. Joker Lover - Little John

6B. Scandal - Billy Boy O


7A. Live Up - William Johnson

7B. Who Cares - William Johnson


8A. Money Trouble - Delroy Wilson

8B. Have Some Mercy - Delroy Wilson


9A. Moving Violation - Keith Cole

9B. I Can't Drive 55 - Keith Cole


10A. My Black Girl - Mighty Multitudes

10B. Black Girl Version - Mighty Multitudes


11A. My Time - Delroy Wilson

11B. Get Ready - Delroy Wilson





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